This project convenes a diverse group of researchers, practitioners, funding organizations, and policy analysts with interest, expertise, and knowledge in culturally relevant practices and its potential for positively affecting underprivileged students' digital creativity; racial and ethnic identity and its role in technological self-concept; and STEM workforce development for students from high needs areas. There are two main objectives driving our efforts: 1) Develop a forum whereas an interdisciplinary team can share knowledge and devise agendas and action items that lead to broadening understanding and pragmatic solutions for traditionally underserved students to enter and persist in STEM fields. 2) Disseminate results from dialogues and group actions to various audiences.

The intellectual merit of this project is that it will advance knowledge and understanding around the issues related to STEM and students of color, in general, while creating a research agenda and community of scholars focused on issues of culturally responsive digital equity, in particular. Another element of the intellectual merit of this project is that it engages scholars, organizations, and practitioners who are typically not a part of this discussion. Information from this project will strengthen collaborations to create future research grant proposals around issues of underrepresentation, STEM, and digital media.

This project has several broad impacts. It advances discovery and understanding, while promoting scholarship, collaboration, and knowledge creation among scholars and practitioners who are typically underrepresented in the research focused on STEM and students of color.